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Experiencing Drug-Free Help for Migraines & Headaches

woman-at-home-hand-on-head-sq (4)A woman recently came into 479 Chiropractic & Wellness complaining of acute migraines and headaches. They were overtaking her life, frequently causing pain and draining her energy multiple times per week.

She came in to visit Dr. Zac and the team, and we started with a holistic exam, before zeroing in on the upper cervical region. We had her get an X-ray, which revealed a high level of dysfunction in the C1 and C2 region on the neck, just below the skull.

No Cracking or Popping

This patient had hesitations in the beginning about getting neck adjustments where she might hear a “crack” or popping sound, so we started small with non-invasive ultrasound therapy. The technique included no sounds and no pain, but brought the results we were looking for—a reduction in inflammation and scar tissue that had built up over time in the woman’s neck.

Next, we added the Activator Technique, which is a popular chiropractic method and device, as she became more comfortable. The addition helped us overcome the body’s resistance to correction and speed up the results.

Experiencing a Reduction in Pain

After about a month of care, our patient’s migraines started to decrease from multiple times per week down to once a week.

We then introduced gentle manual adjustments of the cervical region and spine to increase range of motion. We also turned our attention to nutrition, helping the patient achieve better dietary balance and overcome their struggle with dehydration.

Following only two months of care, the migraines and headaches were largely under control.

We continue to work with her, looking for further improvements and ways to overcome weather and the menstrual cycle, which play a role as she still experiences about one migraine a month.

But most of this patient’s days are now spent in peace and comfort. She has regained control in her life, and we are excited to have been on this journey with her!

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Struggling with migraines and headaches? Write your own success story! Contact us now to see if 479 Chiropractic & Wellness can help you overcome your symptoms and take back control of your life.

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